Student Success- Every Student, Every School

Preserve & Promote Excellence

Seminole County Public Schools are the key economic driver and largest employer in our region. Our district’s continued excellence is vital to our county. We need to preserve our premier school district for our students today and our economy tomorrow.

  • Protect our districts “A” rating and 95.5% graduation rate

  • Maintain the SCPS #1 ranking in the state in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

  • Bolster ePathways program to provide meaningful diplomas and a clear pathway to high-demand, high-wage employment, college or otherwise


Support Educators

Our teachers and staff create the foundation for student success. They need respect as professionals and deserve resources to help our kids reach their fullest potential.

  • Increase educator & staff pay and decrease turnover

  • Preserve our schools' high level of experience and retain and recruit exceptional educators and staff

  • Provide more time for collaborative planning and mentoring for new teachers


Ensure Safety and Security

For learning to happen, schools must be a place where students and staff feel safe without the fear of harassment or violence. We will continue to partner with the Seminole County Sheriffs Department and city police departments to address all aspects of safety including bullying, drug use, emergencies, and mental health.

  • Foster connections so that each student has a trusted adult on campus

  • Ensure the continued support and funding of the School Resource Officers and Mental Health counselors in our schools

  • Prioritize mental health and de-escalation trainings for staff so they can provide positive support to students

  • Display hotline numbers in private areas such as restrooms or locker rooms and encourage their usage so that SCPS stays proactive and not reactive when it comes to safety

Engage Parents & Families

Parents will always be the number one influence in child's life.  Research shows that parental engagement leads to better student behavior and higher academic achievement. 

  • Promote initiatives that empower parents to be active partners in education

  • Encourage mentoring and Dividend opportunities

  • Revamp the SCPS Parent Academy to better serve the community

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Paid for by Autumn Garick for Seminole School Board - Seat 5